Who in the World is Christina Xlimit?!

Christina Xlimit is a remarried millineal mother to four (two by birth & two by destiny) helping other unmarried millineal women, tired of living through failed romantic relationships and ready to experience a fulfilling and healthy love, to become the woman their ideal man would be attracted to.
Her work is based on the principle that “A Healthy ME Precedes A Healthy WE” and it is from this concept that she helps women to examine their responsibility in the type of men they attract and accept into their lives.

Focusing on the importance of living a lifestyle of forgiveness, how to exercise self-love, and what self-acceptance truly means she takes a liberating approach to relationship preparedness.

She is the sole creator of the workshop series “A Healthy ME Precedes A Healthy WE” #meandthenwe  

She is available for workshops & speaking engagements. Email today to book her for your next event christinaxlimit@gmail.com

Join her on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube by searching christinaxlimit. 
“Believing for your Limitless Lives!” #limitlesslife

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