I’m Ready to Go!

Some of you are still at your job because you haven’t found another one. Some of you are still in that relationship because you don’t know how you’d support yourself and children without him. No matter WHAT your reason is, there is NEVER a good reason to stay in a toxic relationship! When you stay you’re choosing to allow fear to dictate you. Don’t let that be your truth! Make your plan and then GO!

I hope you feel empowered and that you get to WORK! No more words. Let’s get active!


How Did I End Up Here?

How did I end up with a guy that didn’t want to live for Christ, who habitually cheated, talked to me like I was insignificant, and made me want to punch his face in?!

How did I go from the girl in such intimate relationship with Christ to the girl drinking almost every weekend, emasculating my husband, crying all the time, and being classified as an abusive spouse by the military?! I didn’t know who this girl was but I didn’t want to be her or in her situation!

My first marriage was an emotionally draining, mentally destructive, physically violent (on both sides), drunkenly blurred 3 years. As it was coming to an end I knew I had to get ME together! The only person I had to walk away from this relationship with was myself. It was time to get REAL! And that started with me admitting that this was my fault.

Toxic Relationships Are REAL!!

And I know, when we’re inundated with what appears to be willful participation in an unhealthy relationship, it can be hard to keep caring. But it’s SO important that you do. Because toxic relationships aren’t just some “bad experience.” They’re dangerous and can even be deadly.

See, everyone is talking about toxic relationships but no one is REALLY talking about them! Because if you’re REALLY talking about toxic relationships there’s no way you can do it nonchalantly!

Toxic relationships are MUDEROUS THIEVES. This is FACT.