Are You His Parent or Partner?

I’ve always been a nurturer at heart; someone that mothered people around me. My nickname was Mama Tina before I ever had children! But in my youth I still had a lot of immaturity in my identity. I wasn’t quite a nurturer as much as I was a fixer. I thought I needed to help everyone fix what was wrong with them (according to my perception). It came from a good place in my heart but it didn’t always yield the best results.


Let Me Break-Up With You!

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an “easy” breakup. But some were definitely harder than others. A conversation I had this past week got me to thinking about how I felt as my first marriage was ending. That was definitely a “harder than others” breakup. I was pregnant, working full time, living with my mom, hoping I didn’t go […]

Why Your Friends Suck!

Most of us that have friends consider them to be some of the best people we’ve ever met! That’s why we hang out with them and call them friend. But not everyone has that story. Some of us keep ending up in relationship with people that, after a while, pretty much suck! And we’re starting to […]