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This blog is unplanned but COMPLETELY necessary. I want to share about an exciting opportunity in mine and my husband’s life and how YOU can be a part of that!

If you don’t already know, Chris and I go to an amazing church with wonderful Pastors that have a true heart for people.

We’re living proof of what a Christ like love for people can do in their lives! #HEALING

Our pastors have been doing missions work overseas & locally for years. Through our church we do several drives and missions work partnering with organizations like The Crossing, an extension of Jesus Saves, right here in Denver.

After many missions trips overseas, to many countries, and seeing many needs their hearts began to weigh heavily. It’s an awesome thing to go and deposit hope into people but they wanted something that could create lasting resolution. Their hearts broke for the many children they encountered walking the streets alone, unclothed, eating out of dumpsters and they finally figured out HOW they could target their efforts to be most effective. And after many years of praying and planning it is finally coming into full fruition.


Expect Hope Worldwide is a non-profit organization partnering with ministries and pastors, we’re in relationship with already, around the globe to confront the epidemic of child orphans.

Did you know?

There are 150 million child orphans worldwide.

Wow! What a huge number. To make a dent in this seems almost impossible. And for a handful of people it might be. But we believe that with COMMUNITY we can create real, long-term, sustainable impact in the lives of many.

For the next 12 months Expect Hope Worldwide has several immediate campaigns that we are working on. Here are a few:

  • Bikes for Pastors

These orphanages in Nepal are cared for by Pastors who do all their traveling by foot. Sometimes taking 2 days to go one way into the city. We asked how we could help and BIKES were the answer. They’ll cover 10x the ground they would by foot.

  • Repurchase & Restoration of 90 child orphanage in Albania

Our ministry friends previously ran the orphanage but due to several circumstances had to close their doors. It has been heartbreaking for them. And despite diligent efforts they just couldn’t afford to create this safe space for the children. Now, almost 5 years later, God has worked a miracle for them to be able to purchase at a tenth the original cost! Let’s make this happen!

  • Repair & Fully Fund (12 months) 3 orphanages (77 children total) in Nepal

After the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, 300,000 additional children became orphans. Immediately following was a time of heightened fear as many of those children were picked up by sex traffickers. Currently we have partners running several orphanages but funding has run out. They are scraping by with food and the buildings aren’t structurally sound anymore due to damage suffered during the earthquakes. Without the proper funding our ministry partners will have to close their doors and turn the children they currently house onto the street in December of this year. This cannot be an option!

  • 2016 Albanian Crusade

This crusade will include a medical camp, headed up by Dr. Penrose, where the residents will get much needed medicine and medical care. There will be food, clothing, and other things we consider to be basic that will be provided as huge miracles for these people. AS WELL as the ribbon cutting to our Albanian orphanage that will IMMEDIATELY get 90 children off the streets.

Now let’s talk quickly about what might impede your participation in this.

“I don’t have a lot of money”

$50 ($10 for 5 months) from 100 people would be enough to take care of a FULL YEAR of expenses for 10 children. Now imagine 5 people rallying 100 friends each; that’s 50 more children. And 5 more; that’s 110 total. You see where I’m going? Your $10 for the next 5 months has IMMENSE potential for impact.

There are a lot of children here in the United States that need our help; why go elsewhere?”

You’re right, there are! My husband is one of those children that needed help and got it. He successfully lived in the foster care system, off and on, until he was finally adopted out with all 3 of his brothers. That’s amazing! It’s amazing that we have a system in place. Nepal doesn’t have governmental support. Albania’s system is flawed at best, with children aging out at only 14.

So, let’s BE the system. Let’s be the people who have hearts that beat for children no matter how near or far, no matter their color, no matter their native language, let’s BE the change we want to see in our world!

Let me repeat again; there are 150 MILLION orphans worldwide.

It’s a big number. A big task. And while the millions may not be immediately within our grasp there are 167 that ARE!

“If you can’t feed 100, just feed the 1.” –Mother Teresa

Let’s start with our 1!

*Stay tuned for our video campaign where you’ll have an opportunity to hear more about our family’s 12 month pledge and have an immediate opportunity to come alongside us financially to meet the needs of these awesome children and workers that are boots on the ground!*


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