How I’ve Missed You

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve been here!

*ugly cries tears of joy at my return*

That’s what happens when you’re out of purpose; more on that another day. though

As you all SHOULD know, I’ve been working on an E-Cleanse called A Healthy Me Precedes A Healthy We: Embracing Forgiveness and it hasn’t been easy! I bubble over with this information but making sure that I’m giving you all content with VALUE had me going back and forth, back and forth, back back forth and forth!

Showing my age! LoL

But last night, FINALLY, it all fell into perfect place.

*throws arms up* Ya Tah!!! <—– You have to watch Heroes to get that reference

I am like BEYOND excited to share this information with you all. Those of you that are local to me (Denver, CO & Surrounding Areas) will have an opportunity to be involved in the live session as my focus group. I’m only taking 10 Ladies between the ages of 18-35. In a week or so expect for me to release an easy sign up. First come!

I really believe that this information is going to change lives for those ready and willing to do the work. Stay tuned! I mean, it’s free. Can you beat free? Nah!

I love you all SOOOO much and I’m so glad to be able to give my brain space to Christina Xlimit again. Because my heart never left!

Believing For Your Limitless Lives!

Believing for your limitless lives. #limitlesslife #meandthenwe


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