Be a Hero! –Expect Hope Worldwide

Did you know?
There are 150 million child orphans worldwide.

Let’s be the people who have hearts that beat for children no matter how near or far, no matter their color, no matter their native language, let’s BE the change we want to see in our world!

“If you can’t feed 100, just feed the 1.” –Mother Teresa


It’s Time to be a Hero!

You may have read that title and thought “oh goodness, what is she going to ask us to do now?” And that’s because you know me too well little lovies! LoL I love challenges. My children are really great teachers! My youngest has latched on to a cartoon show where there are three children that […]

It IS a Big Deal! Stop Telling Me Otherwise!

remembered being in the 6th grade and a little boy using language with me that bothered me. I remembered that initially I felt like I should just let it go. I remembered being encouraged by only one or two girls to talk to the school counselor. I remembered how when the boys suffered the consequences for their words I was alienated and made to feel like I was somehow in the wrong. I remembered being told “they were just joking” and that I was a “snitch” that made a “big deal out of nothing.”

Then I started to remember how as an adult I had more than one co-worker that felt like he could say anything as long as he hit me with the LOL afterward.

That shit only works in texts!

On the Oustide Looking In

When I share my story of the abuse and toxic relationships a common question I get from people is how to help their friends that are in similar situations. Now, this could be the “friend” that’s really them but EITHER WAY it got me thinking of what people did, or could have done, to help […]

Are You His Parent or Partner?

I’ve always been a nurturer at heart; someone that mothered people around me. My nickname was Mama Tina before I ever had children! But in my youth I still had a lot of immaturity in my identity. I wasn’t quite a nurturer as much as I was a fixer. I thought I needed to help everyone fix what was wrong with them (according to my perception). It came from a good place in my heart but it didn’t always yield the best results.